Miranda Keeling is a writer, film-maker and winner of the BBC’s Norman Beaton Radio Drama award. She tweets as @mirandakeeling and produces the ongoing writing/art project: The Little Things

Miranda Keeling has been writing for over 10 years across a variety of mediums. One of her favourite places to play with words is within the confines of the 140 character limit of a tweet and she has become most known for her observational vignettes or what are sometimes described as modern haiku poems on Twitter.

Most recently she was commissioned to write this article for the Metro: https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/10/tweet-descriptions-strangers-interactions-remind-magic-everyday-8797129/

She collaborated with writer and poet Ian McMillan on a collaborative piece for his program The Verb on BBC Radio 3, based around her Twitter observations:


Last year, Miranda’s miniature play ‘Bulldog’ was selected for the new writing festival Uncommon Nonsense and was performed at the Royal Court.

Miranda has been co-writing with Ceri Ashcroft for over 5 years. Their play Panphobia was shown at Stratford Circus Theatre and the LOST Theatre in Stockwell. At the request of radio producer Nicole Fitzpatrick, Panphobia was recently adapted for radio to be entered into the BBC Radio Drama offers round. They have also co-written and produced two short films Lunch and Toast which are currently being shown in festivals around the UK.

Miranda co-wrote the most recent version of the Carbon Footprint Detective Agency with Ray Downing which toured nationally including to the Arcola Theatre. She has been writing and devising work with and for Theatre Venture Ltd. for over five years and was resident writer for the Universal Citizens for shows including Shut Up And Listen! and Apocalypse Wow. She has written and co-written pieces for various productions with the East London Performance Ensemble.

Miranda also co-writes with her brother Dylan Keeling and they have produced 3 short films with their company http://vimeo.com/fishscalefilms, and have a feature film in development.