Miranda Keeling’s little glimpses of London life are so perfect. They should be a book. @MooseAllain

Be sure to follow @MirandaKeeling. She uses Twitter beautifully #FF hear hear! Painting with words. @OctoberJones

Some of the best words that this Twitter thing has to offer. #ff @cluedont

Exquisite, each and every one. You really must publish a book containing this beautiful selection and more. @TinaHood1

I would give my right glove to wander the streets of London with you. @ScottHoad

You should do an audio book of your tweets, I’m sure they would help me drift away. In a good way x @gazftopp

I do love your tweets. I like the way you notice things that would pass me by. @QuintinForbes

You should be available on prescription. @keirshiels